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UnifiedViews Plugins

Github repository:

ATTX Linked Data Broker version 2.0 Unified Views plugins developed:

  • attx-e-oaipmhharvester
  • attx-e-selectds
  • attx-l-publishtoapi
  • attx-l-replaceds
  • attx-t-construct
  • attx-t-describeds
  • attx-t-describeexternalds
  • attx-t-framingservice
  • attx-t-retrieveds
  • attx-t-rmlservice
  • uv-common

ATTX Linked Data Broker version 1.0 Unified Views plugins developed:

  • uv-t-attx-template plugin - basic template for creating a UnifiedViews plugin;
  • uv-t-attx-metadata plugin - collecting metadata specific to the input and output graphs;
  • uv-dpu-l-attx-apicaller plugin - general functionality for calling an API and retrieving data;
  • uv-dpu-l-attx-esindexer plugin - indexing data at a specific ElasticSearch search endpoint
  • uv-dpu-l-attx-linker plugin - linking data based on Linking Strategies;
  • uv-dpu-l-attx-uploader pluging - uploading data;
  • uv-dpu-t-attx-uc1-infras2internal plugin - specific to UC1 - Infrastructure and Publications.

All the plugins play a key role in the user interface of the ATTX Semantic Broker as exemplified in Data Administrator's User guide.

Creating New Plugins

These instructions create a Maven project. We can integrate it with Gradle using a Maven plugin. In build.gradle file configuration would look like:

plugins {
    id "com.github.dkorotych.gradle-maven-exec" version "1.0"

task repackage(type: MavenExec) {
    goals 'clean', 'package'

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