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GraphFraming Service

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The Graph Framing REST API has the following endpoints:

  • health - checks if the application is running.

Current version: 0.2 (URL for the endpoint should take into consideration for the API http://host:4303/version/endpoint)

Building Graph Framing Service

In order to work with the service start with:

Graph Manager Service Connection

The Graph Framing Service requires a connection with Graph Manager Service such a connection is required to retrieve graph with a given URI from the Graph Store, graphs that will be used along side an JSON-LD frame.

Message Broker Connection

Provenance Service needs RabbitMQ Message Broker in order for the communication with UV plugins.

Environment Variables

  • MHOST - container name or address for the MessageBroker-RabbitMQ database (defaults to localhost);
  • MUSER - user name for MessageBroker (defaults to user);
  • MPROVQUEUE - provenance queue in the MessageBroker (defaults to provenance.inbox);
  • MRPCQUEUE - RPC Queue for responding to messages received by the GraphManager Queue (defaults to attx.ldframe.inbox);
  • GMHOST - GraphManager container name or address (defaults to localhost);
  • GMVER - API version of the GraphManager (defaults to 0.2);
  • GMPORT - GraphManager port (defaults to 4302)
  • DATADIR - data directory for storing results from graph store (defaults to /attx-sb-shared).

Service API Endpoints

health Endpoint

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