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CI/CD Environment

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Currently all these services are located on servers with restricted access.


The ATTX-DEV server ( runs the following containerised services: Jenkins (automated Gradle tests and Docker building), Docker Registry Server (private registry for ATTX-Project Docker images), and Nginx (web server).

All services are implemented as Docker containers, and the goal is to have their images publicly available in Docker Hub (cf. for the general public's benefit.

To ensure the availability of the CI/CD environment, the Jenkins and Docker Registry containers have been put under the supervision of the sysctl daemon (jenkins-docker.service and private-docker-registry.service, respectively). This will ensure their automatic start-up in case the attx-dev server needs to be rebooted for maintenance.

How to Access the Jenkins Server

The Jenkins WebUI can be reached @ http://attx-dev:49001/ More information about Jenkins CI

How to Access the Archiva Server

The Archiva WebUI can be reached at: http://attx-dev:8081/

To access the REST API use:

How to Access the PyPi Ivy Repo Server

Example of curl requests:

  • shell curl -X GET -H http://attx-dev:5039/pypi/{dependencyName}/{version}/dependencyName-version.tar.gz - to retrieve dependency with a specific version number
  • shell curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Cache-Control: no-cache" -d '{ "dependencies": [ { "name" : "pytest", "version" : "3.0.5" }, { "name" : "elizabeth", "version" : "0.3.11" } ], "replace" : [ { "name": "alabaster", "oldVersion": "0.7", "newVersion": "0.7.1" } ] }' "http://attx-dev:5639/add" - for adding dependencies


The ATTX-SANDBOX server ( runs the containerised services described in the Platform Deployment.

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