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Ontology Service

Github repository:

The service makes use of:


There is a bug in the service images that cause messagebroker connection to fail when starting the service for the first time. In order to get the service connected you have to restart it.

  • docker ps
  • docker restart [ontology-service-container-id]

Table of Contents


The Indexing REST API has the following endpoints:

  • infer - infer new data based on a schema/ontlogy and a data graph;
  • report - validated RDF data agains a schema/ontology and retrieve a report;
  • health - checks if the application is running.

Current version: 0.2 (URL for the endpoint should take into consideration for the API http://host:4305/version/endpoint)

Building Ontology Service

In order to work with the service start with:

  • Ontology Service source - contains information on building both the project and the Docker image and testing from the source code;

Build with Gradle and run:

gradle run

Message Broker Connection

Ontology Service needs RabbitMQ Message Broker .

Environment Variables

  • MHOST - container name or address for the MessageBroker-RabbitMQ database (defaults to localhost);
  • MUSER - user name for MessageBroker (defaults to user);
  • MPASS - password for MessageBroker (defaults to password).

Service API Endpoints

health Endpoint

alias Endpoint

  • /infer POST API: infer new data.
  "schemaGraph": "file:///resources/owlDemoSchema.ttl",

data Endpoint

  • /report POST API: validity report.
  "schemaGraph": "file:///resources/owlDemoSchema.ttl",

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