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Graph Manager API

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The Graph Manager REST API has the following endpoints:

  • graph - managing interaction with the Graph Store and retrieving statistics about it (e.g. list of named graphs, number of queries);
  • health - checks if the application is running.

Current version: 0.2 (URL for the endpoint should take into consideration for the API http://host:4302/version/endpoint)

Building Graph Manager Service

In order to work with the service start with:

Graph Store Connection

The Graph Manager API requires a connection with the Graph Store. A graph store connection is required in order to:

  • perform operations on the graph data stored such as update and replace;
  • query and retrieve graph data.

Message Broker Connection

Graph Manager can work with the RabbitMQ Message Broker in order facilitate other services to manage the data in the Graph Store.

Environment Variables

  • MHOST - container name or address for the MessageBroker-RabbitMQ database (defaults to localhost);
  • MUSER - user name for MessageBroker (defaults to user);
  • MPROVQUEUE - provenance queue in the MessageBroker (defaults to provenance.inbox);
  • MRPCQUEUE - RPC Queue for responding to messages received by the GraphManager Queue (defaults to attx.graphManager.inbox);
  • MKEY - password for MessageBroker (defaults to password);
  • GHOST - Graph Store container name or address (defaults to localhost);
  • GPORT - Graph Store port (defaults to 3030);
  • GKEY - Graph Store password (defaults to pw123);
  • DS - Graph Store working dataset (defaults to ds)
  • DATADIR - data directory for storing results from graph store (defaults to /attx-sb-shared).

Service API Endpoints

health Endpoint

graph Endpoint

  • graph/query POST API
    • Request:
      "targetGraph": ["default"],
      "query": "SELECT ?subject ?predicate ?object WHERE { ?subject ?predicate ?object} LIMIT 25",
      "contentType": "application/sparql-results+xml"
  • graph/update POST API
    • Request:
      "targetGraph": "",
      "triples": "<http://example/egbook3> <>  \"This is an example title\".",
      "contentType": "text/turtle"
  • graph/construct POST API
  • graph?uri={graphURI} GET API
  • graph/list GET API
  • graph/statistics GET API

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