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Indexing Service

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The Indexing REST API has the following endpoints:

  • alias - information on aliases from Elasticsearch;
  • data - index data to Elasticsearch;
  • health - checks if the application is running.

Current version: 0.2 (URL for the endpoint should take into consideration for the API http://host:4304/version/endpoint)

Building Indexing Service

In order to work with the service start with:

  • Indexing Service source - contains information on building both the project and the Docker image and testing from the source code;
  • short tutorial on Gradle.

Elasticsearch Connection

The Indexing Service requires a connection with Elasticsearch. The connection with Elasticsearch is required in order to:

  • perform operations such as bulk or simple index and replace index data with a given alias;
  • retrieve aliases data, in order to index data or replace deprecated indexes.

Message Broker Connection

Indexing Service needs RabbitMQ Message Broker in order to communicate with UV plugins.

Environment Variables

  • MHOST - container name or address for the MessageBroker-RabbitMQ database (defaults to localhost);
  • MUSER - user name for MessageBroker (defaults to user);
  • MPROVQUEUE - provenance queue in the MessageBroker (defaults to provenance.inbox);
  • MRPCQUEUE - RPC Queue for responding to messages received by the GraphManager Queue (defaults to attx.indexing.inbox);
  • MKEY - password for MessageBroker (defaults to password);
  • ESHOST - Elasticsearch container name or address (defaults to localhost);
  • ESPORT - Elasticsearch port (defaults to 9210);
  • ESPORTB - Elasticsearch second port (defaults to 9310).

Service API Endpoints

health Endpoint

alias Endpoint

  • alias/list GET API: retrieve a list of aliases from Elasticsearch.

data Endpoint

  • data/index POST API: register data in Elasticsearch using the message format.

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