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Release Plan

Adjacent to the - Feature roadmap the release plan is detailed below, alongside corresponding issues.

We should establish priority and complexity for the issues above in order to have a complete release plan.

We should associate issues with the first release version.

Table of Contents

Realease Version 2.0

Planned release date: December 2017

  1. Microservice Architecture
  2. Service Discovery
  3. Messaging Service
  4. Provenance Service
  5. RML Service

Realease Version 1.2

Planned release date: 30th of June 2017

  1. Prepare for ELAG 2017
  2. User friendly version

Realease Version 1.0

Planned release date: 31st of March 2017

  1. Exposed ports (NEED TO CHECK - might be solved; very small task)
    • DC component should have the ports exposed for both instances of ElasticSearch (stick with one version of ES ?) 9200 & 9300 + 9210 & 9310
    • UV should have a front-end that expose port 8080
    • other ports should not be available, except for the test/dev environments; this might require changes to the Gradle scripts (scripts out of scope for first release)
  2. Versioning of artifacts and images
  3. Distribution of components
  4. missing functionality (MISSING tasks)
    • GM-API missing linking functionality
    • GM-API test clustering functionality with URLs that do not have graphs materialised in the graph store
    • UV missing DPU for scheduling GM-API; the DPUs need to be synchronised in order to propagate data in throughout the components
  5. missing tests
  6. missing documentation
    • installation instructions HIGH IMPORTANCE
    • development instructions
    • missing documentation for each component how to run them in standalone or how to integrate them within other processes
  7. logging (out of scope for first release)
    • Log collection from all components in order to check status and possible errors
      • ELK stash available (latest version) - NOTE: maintaining 2 different versions of ES would be difficult
      • standardise logging format in components in order to have them available in logstash
      • (out of scope for first release) figure out a way to connect it with provenance data
  8. Set up continuously release environment (HIGH IMPORTANCE)

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