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ISWC 2017 Demo and Poster Deadline July 27.

Proposal 1

Title: Provenance Service: Practical Data Provenance for Linked Data Brokers


When working with complicated systems that consume, process and generate linked data it might be difficult to understand the steps for generating the data set and to asses the quality and trustworthiness of the data. A frequently utilised approach for data quality assessment is to review the provenance information associated with the data set. For this reason, in this paper we introduce a Provenance REST Service capable of registering workflow and activity related provenance of a Linked Data Broker. Our proposed solutions considers multiple notations for working with provenance and allows the services to be easily adapted to any system in order to record provenance related data.

Proposal 2

Title: Automatic Deployment of a Linked Data Broker based on Microservices Architecture


Handling multiple environments, as well as automatic deployment and scaling of infrastructure is becoming a must in the development of any data wrangling platform. This paper illustrates a Linked Data Broker solution based on Semantic Web Technologies and implementing a Microservices Architecture pattern, that is both flexible and extensible in terms of incoming and outgoing data. Moreover we demonstrate some of the automation strategies for deploying either a local or cloud based instances of such a platform and the advantages of using each of them.

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