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Feature Roadmap

See also: Release Plan for detailed planning of the issues.

Q1 - mid April 2017

  • Distributed deployment
  • GC: Identifier based linking
  • All: Service discovery (start)


  • [X] Decision on how to implement or plan the service discovery (select technology)
  • [X] Implement the distributed docker environment
  • [X] Semantic Broker Release 1.0 for the public
  • [X] Use case 1 Infrastructures and Publications
  • [X] Publish Wiki

Q2 - July 2017

  • All: Service discovery (finish)
  • GC: Generating provenance data inside GC (i.e. moving WF-API functionality to UVProvenance-API for the Provenance Service)
  • GC: Incremental harvesting of external data (e.g. OAI-PMH)
  • GC: More complicated processing services (e.g. NER)
  • DP: Easier Semantic Broker deployment (start)
  • DP: Kontena Semantic Broker deployment


  • [X] ELAG 2017 presentation
  • [X] Semantic Broker Microservice architecture v2.0 (start)

Q3 - September 2017

  • Refactoring of the architecture (v2)
  • Messaging Service in use
  • Basic Provenance service
  • RML based transformation of external data
  • Easier Semantic Broker deployment (Kontena, OpenStack templates)
  • Kontena (cloud-service, deployment in cPouta)
  • Sharing data between services (NFS, DigitalOcean's block storage)
  • First results from the Metax Use case
  • OSFAIR2017 poster with Mildred project
  • Article proposals for ISWC and IEEE Microservices journal

Q4 - December 2017

  • Indexing service with JSON-LD framing
  • Incremental updates to the DC datasets (RDF Patch)
  • Prototyping provenance browser
  • Demo instance in Kontena
  • Demo instance running in cPouta


  • [X] SWIB 2017 presentation (coming)


  • Data validation with SHACL
  • Platform support for ontology based inferencing
  • Deploy to ATTX Semantic Broker instance for Helsinki University

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