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ELAG 2017 Deadline extended till February 19.

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(Accepted) Proposal

Title: Putting Linked Data to Work; Semantic Data "Brokering" in Practice

Name of presenter(s):

Stefan Negru and João da Silva

About the presenter(s): Stefan is a Linked Open Data Specialist at the University of Helsinki Library, he works with semantic web technologies, graph databases and but also data visualisation. He has experience both in an academic environment but also developing Linked Data applications in Healthcare industry.

Joao is a Network and Computing Infrastructure Specialist, focused on Automation of Cloud Computing solutions, through D Containerisation. His background is on the development and implementation of infrastructure projects. He's a proponent of open source, especially for cloud-based open data solutions.

Intended audience: Data Wranglers, Open Data Producers and Consumers

Abstract: The ATTX project started in September 2016 at the University of Helsinki Library, with the aim of providing easily deployable components for building custom linked data services on top of infrastructure-as-a-service platform, with an even bigger goal to achieving all of it this in about 1 year and 3 months.

During the presentation we intend to share our experience with the automation of technical (e.g. build and deployment of infrastructure) and administrative (e.g. data licenses, provenance and audit) aspects of linked open data management, in a project that aims to develop more than "just another" ETL platform for Linked Data.

We will describe the architecture of our proposed semantic data broker solution for Linked Data services, how it differs from existing solutions, and how it can be (re)used in an automated way by other projects and organisations, not exclusively in a library environment. We will focus on three points: easy development, easy deployment and simple publication of redistributed data with openly available and usable provenance.

Last but not least our talk will exemplify some of the use cases we have been tackling during the project.

For more details check the project website:

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